About Us


We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves “SANTOSH SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS” as one of the largest Surgical Manufacturer in INDIA , Mumbai.

The top quality and accuracy of the products being manufacturing ALL SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS as per the standards laid by them. We will be glad to receive your specific enquiry and to extend our technical support of your valuable requirement and an opportunity to serve your esteemed organization like Doctors, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Hospital, Semi – Government Hospital and Training Institute.

Santosh Surgical instruments manufacturing is based mainly on Hand skill work. The master craftsmen spend their lives to learn the art and then produce world class instruments.

We use the selection of material for a particular item keeping in view the required specifications. Santosh surgical instruments are manufactured from different Stainless steel grades. These grades for a particular range of instruments can be found in standards like ISO 7153/1, BS 5194-4, AISI (F899).

“ Santosh Surgical‘s policy is simply to be “Brilliant by Design”. We want to be the automatic supplier of first choice to our key customers by providing them with the best products and a personal service. ”

We generally following are the manufacturing stages


This is simply a process for shaping by Hand forging for small quantities orders and Hammer Forgings for bulk quantities. Presswork (trimmed)to get the more desirable shape


Milling is a material removal process cutting away the unwanted material by machining. Through milling,different features such as serrations.

Grinding / Filing

These are material removing processes using different types of grinding wheels and files.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is done to change the instruments physical and mechanical properties without changing the original shape.

Chemical Treatment

The main purpose of chemical treatment is to clean the surface of the steel parts.

Pickling process

Pickling process to remove the scale formed because of oxidation. Dilute Sulfuric Acid / Nitric Acid is used for this purpose.

Polishing / Buffing, Checking / Packing

The instruments are checked for desired specifications and sent for final inspection and testing before packing.

Our Vision

To deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality, and the most advanced products. Santosh Surgical‘s policy is simply to be “Brilliant by Design”. We want to be the automatic supplier of the first choice to our key customers by providing them with the best products and personal service.

Company Profile

Santosh Surgical Instruments is Mumbai Company based in Leeds since 1995, where we manufacture a range of medical instruments of our own design. We are specialists in medical Instruments for hospitals, clinics and primary care that integrate with the buildings and building services. Our specialist fields include  ENT & GENERAL INSTRUMENTS.

Values & Strengths

Our people have a strong desire to do the “right thing” and to deliver the promises that we make. We maintain very high levels of innovation, knowledge & technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work.

Our Expertise

We maintain the highest levels of expertise to enable us to deliver on our values. Our medical technology skills span research, design, , manufacturing and building services.